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Bethany Children’s Home, a place of safety for Children between ages 0-6 years shall endeavour at all times to provide the children entrusted into the care of Bethany with love and care that reflect the love and care of God for the most vulnerable children.

Our purpose is:

  • To create a network of supportive, caring relationships and a nurturing, inspiring environment for children to grow and thrive.
  • To create a healthy extended sense of family by involving our communities in the care and support of our children.
  • To abide by values that promote healthy relationships between Bethany Home and stakeholders so that we can be and create far more than each is capable on one’s own.
  • To believe that caring, connection, trust and enduring dependable relationships will bring light to the plight of the most vulnerable in our society – the children in need.

Our main objectives are as follows:

  • To offer place of safety for orphaned, abandoned, neglected and/or abused infants from 0-6 years, admitted on the request of Child Protection Unit, Social workers of the Department of Social development, Social Workers of other NPO’s and any other officers ,provided that said officials follow the prescribed procedures for the placement of an infant in a place of safety.
  • To create a suitable environment of love, care, support and understanding for each child. The primary needs for holistic development (Physical, social and emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological needs), shall be the primary commitment of Bethany.
  • To promote the health, security and happiness of each child by providing a good diet motherly care and when necessary, medical care.
  • To provide stimulation for holistic development of the children in our care.
  • Commit itself to staff development through in-service training and formal courses to ensure proper and quality service to the children in need.
  • Strive to have a healthy sustainable relationship with relevant stakeholders.

As a registered NGO, Bethany Home is subsidised by the Department of Social Development at R1900 per child every month. To meet its financial requirement and offer our residents the basic services that they need, Bethany Home relies solely on donation in a form of cash, good and or service donation from people like you. “

How can you help?

  • by donating cash, good or services
  • by nominating Bethany Home as your CSI Beneficiary
  • by nominating Bethany Home as your Beneficiary through My school My Village My Planet
  • by volunteering.

Bethany Home Place of Safety provides residential care and support for orphaned, abandoned, neglected and abused children from birth to six years of age.

In 1991 the Ursuline Sisters originally from Bergen, the Netherlands withdrew from St Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Marianhill near Durban and built with the aid of Umtata Welfare Society (represented by Sister Mary Paule Tacke CPS) a small house for destitute mothers and their babies, where the mothers were given training in infant care, gardening, cooking, etc. The home was named Bethany Home.  The Child Protection Unit of the police and social workers had nowhere to place abandoned/abused infants and children. The Bethany Committee saw this as a great need and in 1995 started to admit these children. Because of the poverty related problems in the Umtata area the number of abandoned infants increased every year and the house became too small. In February 1999 Bethany Home was moved to the former St Theresa’s Home Economics School at Glen Avent. On the premises of Glen Avent is Ikwezi Lokusa where it remained to date.

We are a Non profitable organisation operating in OR Tambo District Municipality, Eastern Cape with an intake of 75 children. Children in our care are placed by the social workers form the Social Service’s District offices from the Transkei area and some by the Police officers form SAPS.

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